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Start date, rates, informations.
Do you remember your first dragon? Do you still feel those emotions? You succeeded in killing him or maybe the beast won?

Do you remember the times when level 100 evocate other gamers respect?
Do you remember your hunts with friends? Or maybe you still remind of and look forward to huge guild fights?

Unfortunately we do not have capsule of time and we can’t step back to 2006, but together, with Your help, we can create climate similar to those times, which all Tibians felt 12 years ago!

Okay, what is going on?! – it is a server based on Tibia game version 7.72, which was created 9th of June 2006. Our aim is to reactivate the real version of Tibia from those times, involving the same map, the same NPC, the same monsters, quests, spells or loot. The main purpose is to create hard server (as Tibia was before), so server rates (exp, skills, mlvl, loot, regeneration) will probably be:
Skills x2
Magic x2
Loot x1
Gold drop x2
HP & MP Regeneration: x1.5

Why so low?
The answer is obvious and simple. Our project is long-term-oriented, our target is to build big and active community which will play for many months or even years. So being the best must take some time (not few days) this make your character and inventory be valuable. What is more low rates are ‘necessary’ because Tibia 7.72 was not accommodate to characters with high levels (200+). When server will progress and society will be bigger and more advanced we will work on server map to be larger, to give you chance to play infinity, so playing on our server never be boring.

We hope our server will be unique for You, because:
-is global – for players from all around the world (for gamers from North and South America we will create separate world due to geolocalization and probable lags),
-has no bots – to play you must have your own client (public client in Tibia 7.72 will be blocked),
-has active administration which will monitor gamers online to ban botters,
-no corruption – administration will not favorizate players, guilds or will not give away items,
-no pay2win – this is not our aim,
-server shop will contain only: Premium ACCount(this is our only source of profit - prices to set up), changing of nick, changing of sex character,

Planned start date: august 2018, the exact date will be given soon

Server will start probably with rates shown below:

Exp rates:
Level 1 do Level 8_____x3
Level 9+___________x2

Skills x2
Magic x2
Loot x1
Gold drop x2
HP & MP regeneration: x1.5

Frag system:
PZ time: 15 minutes
Red skull time: 30 days
Frags to red skull: 3/day, 5/week, 10/month
Frags to ban: 6/day, 10/week, 20/month
PK ban time: 7 days

Other informations:
World type: PvP like  7.72 old times
Tibia protocol: 7.72
Client: required official client, click here to download.
Gameserver localizaton: London
Premium Account: free for 7 days at start for everyone, later paid
Houses: monthly rent from depo of house city

Important information about death loss:
-death loss is set to 10% (exp, skill, mlvl) - without bless and promotion
-after death blesses disappear, you need to buy them again
-to prevent loss equipment and backpack after death you need to wear an Amulet of Loss (cost 50k, you can buy from NPC Eremo)
-promotion reduces death loss by 3%, and costs 20k
-there are 5 blessings, each bless costs 10k and reduces death loss by 1%, with all blessings you can reduce death loss by 5%

Premium Account features:
-ability to create guild (level 20 required)
-ability to buy house (level 20 required)
-ability to wear premium outfits
-ability to use boats
-ability to use premium spells
-ability to buy promotion (reduce death loss by 3%, faster hp & mp regeneration)

If i miss something, please ask, I answer Smile

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